Casey Stains

Artist Bio

Raised in Texas, C Stains lives now in Melbourne, Florida where she creates fluid art known as Controlled Chaos Canvases. From early childhood C Stains has experimented with abstract painting, but recently fell in love with paint pouring. She uses exact measurements when mixing custom blended paints to create a fuller body medium. C Stains uses different angles to spin canvases while pouring paint in a circular motion, this brings a balance of science and art in a controlled, but chaotic manor. Her main color pallet is rainbow to bring light and joy into what can be a dark world. C Stains is consistently exploring new pouring techniques and developing new visions for her work in abstract painting.

Description of Material and Technique

My fuller bodied paints are custom blended from Unicorn Spit Stain Gel and commercial grade house paints. I use different techniques including spinning, swiping and tilting to create fluid art in a controlled, but chaotic manor.