David Pitts: Acrylics

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David Pitts – Acrylics

I have been painting or doing some kind of art most of my life. My formal training in Art comes from Florida School of the Arts, Atlanta College of Art and lastly, Long Island University where I earned a Masters in Clinical Art Therapy. I continue to learn from my children, wife, friends, and extended family. They all continue to be my muses. I get a lot of ideas and creative vision from places I have visited or pictures that my family and friends have taken. I like translating what they see in that moment to what I feel and then relate that in my paintings. Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

“Amicalola Falls”

“Backyard Stream”

“Bina’s Bonaire”

“Camp Holly Fan Boat Ride”

“Drunken Chicago Buoy”

“Denise’s Sunrise”

“Dream Trees”

“Duck Pond, N. Wickham Park”

“Fire Bush”

“Gringot’s Dragon”

“Hogwart’s School”

“Half Moon Bay”


“Grand Canyon”

“Ronin Fishing”

“Shanghai Noon Ramen”