Don Williamson – Watercolors

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Don Williamson – Watercolors

Don was interested in drawing at a very early age and remembers asking his mother for a “Pentel” drawing pen before he entered school.

His ambitions were to become a pilot and an artist. Both of those ambitions were realized when he was accepted into the Navy and later commissioned as a Naval Aviator and assigned to an air craft carrier.   After serving four years as a Navy pilot, he was released from active duty and joined the active reserves which enabled him to attend the Ray-Vogue School of Commercial Art and Design in Chicago.

Several years later, he accepted a voluntarily recall back into the Navy and later organized The Navy Art League in Key West, FL where he taught art classes when off duty. He retired from the Navy in 1971.

During his job as a Land Acquisition Specialist for Brevard County Florida, Don taught adult education classes for ten years in oil painting for Brevard Community College during the evening.

He fully retired in 1990 and remarried. He and his wife have been painting with watercolor since that time.

He’s received several awards from “Splash of Watercolor”, the annual watercolor show presented by the Brevard Watercolor Society, of which he’s a member.

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Boy in a Puddle with Trike_DonWilliamson  000_0010