Egle Bredikis – Mixed Media

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Egle Bredikis – Mixed Media

Artist Statement

In my works, l am trying to reveal my emotions in simple lines and subtle colors. Sometimes a woman’s figure appears as a symbol of creation and existence. I visualize the abstract, which I face intuitively. I use multiple layers to create textures in my works. Typically, I paint the first layer with watercolor, then I place a layer of wax, followed by layers of paint. Fine lines are applied at the end, synthesizing and uniting all layers into the final composition. This technique allows me to create graphic, tapestry-like paintings.


Egle Bredikis was born in Lithuania and studied art at the Stepas Zukas College in Kaunas. Among other disciplines, she studied leather technique and completed several monumental works in leather for interiors. She continued her education at the Vilnius Academy of Art, receiving M.A with a concentration on tapestry design. She has designed leather panels for the prestigious Linas resort in Palanga, Lithuania, as well as fashion leather items. Also her rug designs have been acquired for mass production by major carpet manufactures in Lithuania.

In 1990, she came to Chicago and she took part in group exhibits in Chicago (3 solo), Indiana, Washington, Japan, Canada, and Soho–Chelsea, New York City.

Her artworks have been published in the book “Lithuanian Artists in North America.”

In 2008, the artist relocated to Merritt Island, where she lives and works out of her studio.


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“To Be Born”

“Between the Lines”


“Connection I”

“Connection III – Tapestry”

“Connection V”

“Dream I”

“Dreams II”

“Emotions I”

“Feelings I”

“Emotions II”








“Feelings III”

“Winter II”

“Red Yellow Women”

“New Feelings”

“Blooming – Tapestry””