Maggie Steimer – Acrylic

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Maggie Steimer



I am a self taught artist who was born in Ocean City, Md. I have two children and four grandchildren. In 2001 I married my wonderful husband, Terry. He is my inspiration and was the push I needed to begin a new phase in my life as a serious artist.

I began painting wildlife with acrylics on canvas and birds became my love. In 2016 Terry and I moved to Melbourne and found our little piece of paradise. It was then I started painting oils, where I found new local subjects such as turtles, manatees, mermaids, and of course, birds.

A unique thing I do is reverse glass painting. It is very difficult and time-consuming, but I enjoy it.

At this time I’m teaching myself watercolors and have found I love this new medium. Pastels next?

I can be reached at –

“Canadian Goose”,  Acrylic


“Mr. Tur-tel”, Acrylic (sold)


“Oh, Happy Feet”, Acrylic


“Celebration”, Acrylic


“Yellow Crest”, Acrylic